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We believe music has the ability to ser a moode, energize the crowd and also gets the party started. Our Dj's enjoy creating and maintaining an exciting atmosphere, which we strive to keep you in the moment with every tune. Lets get the party started.


Let's make your event memorable!


We believe moment the door opens with announcing moments to hyping up your guests, our professional Mc's ensure to keep the energy high and liven up the crowd.


Bring back that tune!

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Professional Lighting


Music will set the tone but lighting will set the mood and DJ Karan Entertainment offers the best in professional lighting and visual stimulation gear on the market.


We offer a wide array of professional lighting services that are directed toward providing the best look for your event while maintaining your intended posture and style. Set your mood to your level every step of the way.


DJ Karan Entertainment | Outshining the competition

Wall Illumination | Intelligent Lighting | Event Logo Projection | Flat Surface Leko Projection | Atmospheric Lighting | Spot Lighting

Wide Panel & Large Format HD LED Screens


Submerse yourself in your surroundings and allow your guest to become fully immercsed in the moment with our wide paner and large format, high definition LED screens.


Display your special moments, exhibit fotos and videos that will add to the mood or display music and dance videos while your guest enjoy the dancefloor. Visually stimulate the emotions you want to see at your event


DJ Karan Entertainment | Can you visualize that?

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Wide Panel Wall Facade | Mulit Location Display | Centered Display | Tri-Screen Display | Wide Panel Centered Showcase Display | Background Display

Event Entertainment


Every event needs some form of entertainment during downtime to keep the taste of the atmosphere alive and here at DJ Karan Entertainment, well lets just say thats our specialty. We offer a unique assortment of entertainment options that can be taylored to any event whether its a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just simply a party that would like to add some energy to the show. 


DJ Karan Entertainment | Are you not entertained?

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Dhol Players | Bhangra Dancers | Bollywood Dancers | Belly Dancers | Dance Instructors | Dance Motivators

Additional Services


Over the years we have done some amazing events due to customers like you that make special requests and by all means feel free to request whatever you may feel would make your event unique, because of those requests we have additional services to offer our clients. 


DJ Karan Entertainment | Satisfy your every desire!

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Illuminated Lounge | Illuminated Bars | Lounge Set & Accessories | Illuminated Dance Floor | Lily Dance Floor | Smoke Machines


Connect with us:

Connect with us:

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